Airtel Payments Bank now also offers gold loans, here’s how you can take advantage of the offer

Image source: AIRTEL

Airtel Payments Bank now also offers gold loans, here’s how you can take advantage of the offer

Airtel Payments Bank has recently partnered with Muthoot Finance and started offering easy access credits to its customers. Bank customers will be able to apply for a gold loan from Muthoot Finance through the Airtel Thanks app.

In the new partnership, Airtel Payments Bank customers will not have to pay any processing fees to get hassle-free gold loans from Muthoot Finance. The new collaboration will deliver maximum value as Muthoot Finance will grant up to 75% of the value of the pledged gold as a loan.

Customers will further receive the disbursements for loan amounts worth Rs 50,000 and above at their doorstep.

The loan could be used by anyone pledging gold jewelry they own in order to get financial help. This indeed helps the client get rid of all the hassle of breaking an existing investment mainly for short term needs. Once the loan is repaid, the gold will be returned safely to the respected person.

Through the Airtel Thanks app, customers can apply for small loans starting from INR 3000 and for short term from a minimum of seven days. The flexible payment option allows the customer to make partial payments or full payments before the due date at no additional cost.

Airtel Payments Bank users can also apply for a gold loan by visiting Airtel Payments Bank’s 500,000 neighborhood banking outlets.

Steps to apply for a gold loan:

1. Login to Airtel Thanks App

2. Go to the Bank section

3. Click on the gold loan icon

4. Enter the required information such as location, loan amount and term

5. Give required permissions to share details with Muthoot Finance team

6. The Muthoot Finance team will connect with the client within minutes to process the request

Garland K. Long