Auto Approve reaches $2 billion in loans with 75,000 customers

Auto Approve uses advanced technology to match consumers with the best auto loan refinance, saving them approximately $150 one month on their loan repayments

CHICAGO, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Auto Approve, a fintech company that helps consumers refinance their auto loans, announced that it has refinanced more than $2 billion in loans for more than 75,000 customers. Overall, the company saved its customers approximately $225 million in monthly loan payments. Auto Approve, which has just been listed as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in America, doubled its total funding from $1 billion in loans to $2 billion in just over twelve months.

“Auto Approve is leading the auto refinance space with our nationwide network of trusted lenders and excellent customer service,” said alex hoper, CEO of Auto Approve. “With rising interest rates and historic inflation, it’s more important than ever for consumers to get a fair deal on their auto loans, and our company is committed to making that happen. There is growing recognition more about how broken the auto finance industry is, and our goal is to give consumers the best deal possible – and to push for more fairness and transparency across the industry. I’m grateful to our growing team work hard every day to serve our customers.

Auto Approve, which has offices in Chicago and Minneapolis, brings sophisticated financial analysis to the everyday consumer. Auto Approve uses state-of-the-art technology to quickly find consumers the best car loan refinance deals across the country, saving customers an average of approximately $150 a month. Most car buyers are stuck with loans from dealerships or manufacturers, and these loans are often unaffordable, with higher interest rates than a consumer would have to pay.

Auto Approve’s established relationships with verified lenders across the country, including many credit unions, allow it to match consumers with the best loan to fit their unique situation in a simple, convenient way. and hassle-free, saving them time and money. .

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Auto Approve is a fintech company reinventing consumer credit, starting with helping car owners refinance their loans and pay less – saving them $150 one month on average. Since its inception in 2016, Auto Approve has served over 75,000 customers by helping them refinance $2 billion car loans, while saving tens of millions of dollars on monthly car payments. The investment in Auto Approve was led by the Chicago– Bluhm family office based. Auto Approve has offices in Chicago, Ill. and Downtown Brooklyn, Minnesota.

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