Blazers reportedly interested in trading for Hawks John Collins

The Hawks are going to make some changes this offseason. Travis Schlenk, the team’s general manager, said they shouldn’t have stuck with the status quo and should have improved the roster after last season’s Eastern Conference Finals trip. Tony Ressler has expressed his desire to win a championship and that crossing the luxury tax threshold does not scare him.

Trae young is a superstar, and the Hawks constantly have to build a competitor around him. Atlanta is expected to compete for the championships each year of Young’s super-max contract. This offseason should be filled with trade and free agency rumors because of all of these circumstances.

Yesterday we had one of our firsts, but it’s really nothing new. Every team in the Association wants a player like John Collinsand the Portland Trailblazers have joined the very long list of interested clubs.

According to Kevin O’Connor of The ring, “Another player frequently mentioned as being on Portland’s radar is Atlanta’s John Collins, who is a lob threat who could provide more defensive versatility than Jusuf Nurkic.”

Collins has been the subject of trade rumors for most of the past two seasons, but nothing has materialized. Instead, the 24-year-old agreed to a five-year extension worth $125 million last summer – a bargain for a player of Collins’ caliber.

A theoretical trading package might include Eric Bledsoe, Josh Hart, and future choices. O’Conner noted Portland’s $20.8 million trade exception as a way to facilitate a trade for a star, and also pointed out, “There’s Nurkic signing and trade potential as well, or more radically, a reversal Anfernee Simonsa 22-year-old who is coming off the best season of his career and entering restricted free agency.

Collins isn’t an All-Star, but he can be an important part of a championship-caliber roster. The Trail Blazers offering Bledsoe and Hart aren’t moving the needle much, even though both are good perimeter defenders, which we know Atlanta needs.

Simons is an interesting business piece; he’s an exciting young prospect, but the Hawks would buy him high. He’s just had the best season of his career, and I doubt Atlanta is the team that pays him. Nurkic does not fit the roster as it stands today, but it could be restructured.

All in all, I don’t see the pieces Portland has to offer Schlenk. If a trade materializes this offseason, I doubt it will be with the Trail Blazers.



Garland K. Long