Bold and beautiful: Krista Allen bonds with TV granddaughter Remington Evans – New Kelly

You heard of killing us with kindness? Well, that kills us with cuteness!

By now, we assume everyone has heard that Tthe bold and the beautiful gets a makeover when Steffy returns to Los Angeles with her children. No, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood isn’t being replaced, but there’s a new actress playing her with Liam’s daughter, Kelly!

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Krista Allen (Taylor), of course, was the one to break the Remington Evans casting news by sharing a video of the two actresses having a “conversation” in which we learned how Kelly’s new portrayer cries at the right time. It was pretty sweet, but now she’s shared another video showing how “grandmother” and “granddaughter” have bonded since Evans started!

It’s short, but oh so very, very sweet!

“Me and Remy,” Allen tweeted, “after finishing her scenes. She was asking me for a play date soon, and I told her that she had done a very good job today.

Little Evans asks Allen for a play date, then leans in for a hug and a happy mini-dance. You can hear Allen reply, “Yeah, that would be really fun,” before whispering to his TV granddaughter, “You did. then good!”

Yeah, that emoji Allen included pretty much sums it up.

We are not enough of course when we see Kelly and her mom back in town, but we know they’re already filming, and MacInnes shared a ton of teasers of what she filmed for the show in Monaco for the Monte Festival du Carl’s movie.

At least we know we have plenty eagerly awaiting!

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Garland K. Long