Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is one of the top surety bonds in New Haven, CT

New Haven, Conn. – Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is a dedicated bail bond company that ensures that all clients arrested for a crime understand their bond and the bond process. The New Haven CT Bail Serf breaks down legal information into easy-to-understand steps to educate clients on how a case generally works.

Often, the surety community takes advantage of individuals desperate to find a solution to their legal problem. However, Connecticut Bail Bonds Group has earned a reputation as a trustworthy, compassionate and professional service provider. These approaches have allowed them to create lasting relationships with communities in New Haven and surrounding areas of Connecticut.

Connecticut Bail Bonds Group serves clients with felony bonds, failure to appear, parole violation, domestic violence, DUI, immigration, larceny, theft, drug trafficking, computer crimes and assaults. Customers who need a juvenile bond, white collar crime bond, disorderly conduct bond, identity theft bond, bail bond, bail for probation violation and bail for burglary can count on New Haven CT sureties for customized solutions.

The bail bondsman understands the stress and frustration of bailing someone out of jail. For this reason, the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group steps in after the bail a client owes has been decided at the New Haven Police Department. A company agent asks the client a series of questions about the specific details of their arrest, including their name, jail location, date of birth, reason for arrest, and other specified information. The agent then assists the client through the bond process, including the local legal system, finances, payment methods, or collateral.

When the bond has been received by the jail, courthouse, or New Haven area correctional facility, bond officers will come on-site to help complete the necessary paperwork before the client receives their bond papers. release. During this process, the client is assigned a pre-determined time and date to appear in court for hearings and decisions. Once the case is resolved, regardless of the verdict, the bond will be released.

Sheila Sanchez started Connecticut Bail Bonds Group 15 years ago and has helped thousands of clients through the bail process. Her passion, dedication and commitment to service has earned her respect in the surety industry. Together with his team, they have acquired valuable knowledge of current legal proceedings in order to provide clients with accurate information.

People in New Haven looking for a bail bondsman near me can visit the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group website or call (203) 663-3338 to schedule a free consultation. The Guarantor is located at 171 Orange St. Suite 3, New Haven, CT, 06510, US.

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