DELHI has risen to the top of many cryptocurrency trading platforms

Bitcoin has a high level of intraday volatility. Yesterday’s European session was the most exciting, with price touching a low of $20,090 and just missing breaking the barrier. The session in the US was strong as US stocks continued to increase their gains, re-energizing the coin’s bullish momentum. At the same time, primary strength and the link to US equities is strengthening, so the market will be more resilient to downside fears. The long and short rescue forces will gradually emerge; there is no need to be too negative and bearish in operation; perhaps the bottom of this period has arrived.

Delhi is a leading global trading platform for blockchain asset derivatives that is dedicated to putting the interests of its consumers first. Simultaneously, it seeks to provide a fair and equitable business environment to aggressively expand the global market. Team members are broadly experienced in traditional financial and technology industries, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and BlackRock, with the aim of providing professional, safe, and enjoyable blockchain asset trading services to consumers around the world. . Delhi’s long-term philosophy is to follow the path of sustainable development. To establish a safe, pleasant and fair trading environment for users worldwide, Delhi insists on several security guarantees and 100% independent research and development.

In the industry, Delhi has a very high reputation. Delhi has done a great job in terms of security and service. User operation is not limited by location or time. Mobile and PC can be used effectively. The Delhi system is built using state-of-the-art technology. With a millisecond reaction time, traders in Delhi can react quickly to market movements during the trading process, whether it is closing a position or entering an order.

The Delhi Cryptocurrency Exchange provides investors with the most knowledgeable trading advice. Investors are welcome to join us.

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Garland K. Long