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Barry Bonds had a profound impact on the sport of baseball. For the 1985 MLB Draft, Barry Bonds was drafted sixth overall and he reached “The Show” in just 115 minor league baseball games.

There’s still a big asterisk next to his name, despite the fact that he played 22 years, made 14 All-Star teams, won 12 Silver Sluggers, seven National League MVP Awards and eight Gold Gloves, set multiple the MLB and castigated 762 home runs.

As a result of BALCO, elite athletes who were given anabolic steroids, known as “The Cream”, were arrested. Bill Romanowski, an NFL All-Pro, Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones, and Barry Bonds were all in attendance.

When Bonds hired Greg Anderson as a personal trainer in 1998, things started to look oddly suspicious.

Athlete Barry Bonds has admitted doping. There are doubts whether or not he should be considered one of the greatest players of all time because of this.

It doesn’t matter what the player has done; his stats are unassailable. However, because he has an unfair advantage due to his steroid use, the player should be penalized.

Barry Bonds before steroids

Before using steroids, Barry Bonds was an excellent baseball player. After hitting .290 with 411 home runs in 1998, it was clear he was beyond mediocre.

Afraid of his rising star status, no one even dared to approach him with a business proposition.

The Arizona Diamondbacks intentionally walked Barry Bonds in the ninth inning of a 1998 game with the bases loaded.

In the end, the team decided they were willing to risk losing a run in order to take a chance on the next batter rather than risk dropping four runs and losing the game.

Although opponents were scared of Barry at this point in his career, it didn’t last long as other players began to overshadow him and he began to slow down in the late 1990s as other players bit his heels.

There were many steroid users in baseball at that time; some of the most powerful players have relied on drugs to maintain relevance.

However, the use of steroids is banned in the vast majority of sports, and the athletes in question were using a variety of substances to avoid doping tests.

Well, it worked for a while, but eventually the cheating would come to light, and Barry was at the forefront of the steroid lawsuits.

Barry Bonds after steroids

Barry Bonds before and after steroids

For those who don’t know, a steroid is a drug that accelerates muscle growth and can be used indefinitely as long as it is taken in cycles.

Steroids cause the muscles on top to break down, allowing new muscle to grow.

Unlike the typical muscle growth process, in which the muscle belly is ruptured to allow new tissue to form and muscle to grow, this method does not require it.

Thanks to taking steroids, a person is able to train longer and recover faster. For these and other reasons, gamers who use the substance have an unfair advantage over non-users.

Professional baseball players need to be able to recover quickly, and Barry Bonds has taken full advantage of his use of steroids to achieve this. Players of this sport travel a lot and play games straight after each other all the time.

Barry had grown tremendously by 2002. Huge muscles and great strength allowed him to consistently hit the ball into the stands and do it again and again.

This had never happened before, but until the BALCO controversy surfaced in 2003, everyone attributed it to the player’s immense talent. Because Barry lied to the grand jury, he became the focus of the investigation.

Accusations were made that Barry’s personal trainer, Greg Anderson, gave him steroids. It emerged that Barry’s trainer was thrown under the bus when the grand jury questioned him about an organic oil balm that turned out to be steroid-based.

It turned out that the player hadn’t used steroids since 1998. Even his greatest achievements have been clouded by drug addiction since then.

Barry Bonds Stats: Takeaways

Barry Bonds before and after steroids

Before the era of performance-enhancing drugs, Barry Bonds was a prodigious hitter, as the numbers testify.

By the time he was in his mid-30s, he was in desperate need of upgrades to maintain his legendary position.

When the steroid scandal broke in 2007, Barry Bonds was a major player. His trainer tricked him into thinking he was taking flaxseed oil and arthritis cream.

For his power moves, however, he was taking performance-enhancing drugs.

In other words, the title “Home Run King” is always up for grabs. Or does his 762 have a taint? Without the help of steroids, he could not have reached the heights he did. He was already beginning to notice the aging process.

The era of steroids could have saved baseball back then, which is why Major League Baseball did nothing to stop it.

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