Future franchisees offered loans to launch their own domain…

Mr. & Mrs. Clarke’s Agency Network has launched a new loan product to help aspiring independent business owners start their own real estate franchise.

The Belvoir-backed brand is offering access to a £12,500 loan to help prospective franchisees launch and grow their own estate agency.

The company said the funds will help ease financial stress and soften the blow of quitting the job.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke provide franchisees with an in-house design and marketing studio, access to their award-winning website and real estate portals, administrative and operational services, and a customer relationship management system.

Franchisees take 75% of the commission they charge customers from sales and rentals and have exclusivity over a territory.

Paul Clarke, co-founder of Mr. & Mrs. Clarke, said, “We’ve spoken to dozens of great people who want to start their own agency with us, but just don’t have the financial means.

“We realized that we needed to support these amazing estate agents and provide them with the capital to start a business and also ensure that their day to day expenses were covered.

“This is an extremely exciting next step for Mr. and Mrs. Clarke and we look forward to seeing the business continue to grow and expand through our new loan product.”

real estate agent today asked about the terms of the loan.

Garland K. Long