Greensboro voters will decide mayor, council and bonds in July ballot

Greensboro is among several municipalities preparing for the upcoming general election this summer. Greensboro residents will decide the next mayor, multiple city council seats and five separate bond measures that could mean millions for local projects.

The election will take place on July 26 and is the result of a law passed last year by the North Carolina General Assembly. This change was prompted by delays in the 2020 U.S. Census data. This gave municipalities time to consider revising electoral districts based on these new numbers.

In addition to the mayoral and city council races, there is a $135 million bond referendum on the ballot. This will be split into separate measures. There’s one for parks and recreation, firefighting facilities, law enforcement facilities, and transportation.

Jon Decker is Greensboro’s Director of Budget and Evaluation. He says a housing bond will also belong to voters.

“This bond would be $30 million and would help the city continue to implement the Housing GSO plan,” Decker said. “It focuses on providing affordable rental housing as well as home ownership and reinvestment in the neighborhood.”

Early voting for the municipal general elections will begin July 7 and run until July 23.

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Garland K. Long