Hamilton Southeastern School Board Approves Lighting Contract and General Obligations • Current Editions

Hamilton Southeastern High School’s softball and baseball diamonds will be upgraded with new lights after the school’s HSE board approved a bid from a contractor at its July 13 meeting. Other items on the agenda included approving fees for foreign language courses at its middle and high schools and issuing general bonds not to exceed $25 million. The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m. on August 10 at 13485 Cumberland Road in Fishers.

What happened: The HSE School Board of Trustees has approved an $809,695 contract award to Anderson-based Nugent Electric, Inc., for new LED lights and light poles at HSE High School.

What this means: New LED lights and streetlights will be installed by Nugent Electric, Inc., on the HSE High School baseball and softball fields. Nugent Electric, Inc.’s offer was among the lowest of the four offers received by the district.

What happened: School board members approved certain adjustments to previously approved course fees at its colleges and HSE High School.

What this means: Fee changes for the 2022-23 school year include an increase at HSE High School for Spanish I due to the adoption of textbooks and a decrease in consumables, in addition to an increase in fees for consumables French V due to price increase, according to district .

The change means there will be a textbook fee for Spanish I for $18.80, while the cost of consumables will drop to $3.15 for the next school year. The cost of French V consumables will be $17.57, an increase from $13.93 in the 2021-22 school year.

Meanwhile, there will be fee increases at Fishers Junior High School, Riverside Junior High School, HSE Intermediate/Junior High School and Fall Creek Junior High for Spanish I for the 2022-23 school year.

According to the district, costs for Spanish I for the upcoming school year are $17.59 at Fishers Junior High School ($7.13 for textbooks and $10.46 for consumables); $17.45 at Riverside Junior High School ($7.13 in textbook fees and $10.32 in consumables fees); $16.92 ($7.13 textbook fee and $9.79 consumable fee); and $16.36 at Fall Creek Junior School ($7.13 in textbook costs and $9.23 in consumables costs).

What happened: School board members approved a resolution to issue up to $25 million in general obligation bonds.

What this means: General obligation bonds will be used to cover the cost of capital improvements, maintenance projects, and technology equipment based on the district’s ten-year facility plan, in addition to a ten-year technology plan. The District has indicated that due to an increase in interest rates, it may sell a lower amount of bonds to ensure it maintains its overall leverage ratio of 0.5898.

Garland K. Long