Hawaii gubernatorial candidate Vicky Cayetano loans her campaign $1.17 million

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vicky Cayetano loaned her campaign an additional $282,000 on June 28, for a total of $1.17 million in loans from her since May, according to Cayetano’s latest campaign disclosure statements. .

Including his loans, Cayetano raised $1,487,273 between January 1 and June 30.

By comparison, the top Democratic hopeful — Lt. Gov. Josh Green — raised a total of $1,476,178 between Jan. 1 and June 30 without needing any loans.

Green continues to lead the three-way race in fundraising and endorsements.

Just since May 26, Cayetano has loaned his campaign an additional $88,000; followed by $400,000 on May 31; $250,000 on June 15; $150,000 on June 22; and the $282,000 loan on June 28.

During the previous reporting period of December 31, Cayetano loaned his campaign $350,000.

The other Democratic candidate, U.S. Representative Kai Kahele, has raised just $109,431 through June 28, mostly through donations ranging from $5 to $100.

Kahele made it a cornerstone of his campaign that he would refuse donations from corporations, PACs and unions as he had accepted in the past.

Instead, by accepting donations of $100 or less, Kahele planned to qualify for up to $208,000 in state campaign funds. But Kahele missed the June deadline to file a sworn and notarized statement that he would meet mandatory spending limits, rendering him ineligible for public campaign funds.

Keith Amemiya, a former mayoral candidate and one of four Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor, loaned his campaign $100,000 on June 6.

In total, Amemiya led the race at four in generating $435,537 in donations between January 1 and June 30, including his loan.

State Rep. Sylvia Luke, chair of the powerful House Finance Committee with the most union support, followed with $303,205 in donations from Jan. 1 through June 30; followed by Sherry Menor-McNamara — president and CEO of the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce — with $166,901; and former board chair Ikaika Anderson with $113,735.

Neither Luke, Menor-McNamara nor Anderson accepted a loan.

Garland K. Long