How The Swap Places Pulled Jamie Lee Curtis Out Of The Horror Genre

Jamie Lee Curtis was best known for her horror movies in the early 1980s, but here’s how Trading Places got her out of typing.

Stock exchanges helped Jamie Lee Curtis break free from the horror genre and its “Scream Queen” typing. Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, the latter of whom appeared in one of the most iconic horror scenes of the 1960s. psychology. Curtis was a relative unknown when she appeared in John Carpenter’s Halloween, which became a landmark in the slasher genre and led to countless knockoffs and ripoffs. Despite the success and acclaim of HalloweenCurtis got little work, Carpenter then wrote a role especially for her in Fog give work to his friend.


Jamie Lee Curtis quickly became horror royalty, starring in a slew of slasher and thriller films. prom night is one of the best known Halloween-style slashers of that era, and she also appeared in New Year’s horror train of terror and hitchcockian thriller road games. Curtis has since said that she knew that if she kept appearing in horror movies, the “Scream Queen” label would never go away. She turned down a role in Psycho 2and only agreed to return as Laurie for 1981’s Halloween 2 in favor of Carpenter and producer Debra Hill. It was also, in his mind, a farewell to the genre.

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Director John Landis later cast her in the 1983 comedy Stock exchanges, where a pompous businessman named Winthorpe (Dan Aykroyd) finds his life destroyed by his two millionaire bosses. These evil brothers bet to see if a person’s background really influences their life, so they fire Winthorpe and replace him with Eddie Murphy’s street hustler, Valentine. Jamie Lee Curtis – who was lost in halloween kills – cheek Stock exchanges‘ Ophelia, a sex worker hired as part of the ruse to ruin Winthorpe, who later helps him get revenge on his bosses.

places of trade 1983 jamie curtis

Stock exchanges helped Jamie Lee Curtis out of horror and she was cast against the studio’s wishes. By then, Curtis was so well known in the genre that they didn’t think she would work in a big comedy, but Landis insisted. While she had played strong characters before, Stock exchanges allowed him to show a lighter and more comical side. While Murphy – who came out from the back of 48 hours – and Aykroyd can take the spotlight, Curtis more than holds her place throughout the film, including when she dons a disguise towards the finale.

It helps that Stock exchanges was a massive hit, which meant other filmmakers got to see Jamie Lee Curtis outside of the horror genre. She branched out further with people like A fish called Wanda and blue steelalthough she eventually made a horror comeback with Halloween H20 in 1998. Curtis has since warmly embraced his horror roots with the Blumhouse Halloween series, but Place of trade was a real breakthrough that allowed him to explore other genres of roles.

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