New FinTech app aims to have Crypto Trading Intelligence in the palm of your hands

This cutting-edge FinTech application uses AI and machine learning to efficiently aggregate data to create potential deals. As a result, investors in this technology can benefit from potentially profitable Crypto investment activities and manage risk.

Portland, OR April 10, 2022 –(– Toro Alerts, LLC, an innovative FinTech company based in Portland, Oregon, has launched a mobile app on iOS and Android that helps traders take the emotion out of crypto trading. The app is integrated with an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that uses machine learning (ML) and technical trading analysis to identify and alert the user with buy and sell points. Eliminate emotions from trading decisions.

ToroAlerts is also proud to announce recognition of several nominations, including the Winter 2021 Best New Mobile App Awards.

2022 inflationary pressures
January 2022 Consumer Price Index shows fastest inflation since 1988, higher than expected and inflation already up 7% year-on-year, the inflationary cycle has already arrived. Commodities are the traditional hedge when the CPI starts to heat up. A unique twist to this is investing in crypto to increase portfolio returns.

Due to technological developments, managing the ownership and legal implications of buying, selling, trading, and obtaining Crypto can be complex and costly. Additionally, the regulations, jargon, and classifications surrounding Crypto investing are very different from a typical stock transaction. Although investing in crypto can potentially yield significant returns, the actual process is risky and requires a lot of expert support and knowledge. Furthermore, it can also experience a lot of fluctuations, as seen during the recent coronavirus pandemic, which can impact Crypto’s investment results.

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has opened up a potentially lucrative opportunity for individuals to invest in crypto and manage risk.

ToroAlerts cutting-edge technology uses AI and machine learning to efficiently aggregate data to create potential deals. As a result, investors in this technology can benefit from potentially profitable Crypto investment activities and manage risk.

Why use the ToroAlerts-Crypto app?
Many traders are trading crypto, but the market lacks a risk management tool that will help traders and investors monitor crypto. This has been ToroAlerts goal with the ToroAlerts-Crypto app. An ability to provide risk management for crypto. Using machine learning and advanced analytics, ToroAlerts’ solution will help investment firms select the cryptocurrencies most likely to hold value and manage risk when things get volatile. Here are the 2 basic methods used by the application:

Data aggregation
ToroAlerts channels technical and fundamental analysis, in addition to breaking news. This collected data includes more than 80 indicators through its machine learning AI engine.

Predictive AI
By quickly analyzing all of this data using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, ToroAlerts’ solution can identify patterns and make predictions much faster than humans, who can sift through the same information manually. The product analyzes multiple data points to create potential transactions.

Invest using ToroAlerts proprietary AI software
ToroAlerts’ anticipated customer base invests funds in niche sectors like crypto. By using the ToroAlert-Crypto mobile app, investors and traders could potentially lead to better investment decisions.

Final Thoughts
Investing in crypto has always been an activity relegated to speculators and sophisticated investors.

“Investing is a rational decision-making process and it requires a balance between risk management and risk taking,” said Rohit Srivastava, chief vision officer at ToroAlerts Fund. “Our AI systems are designed to create such a balance. By using these artificial intelligence (AI) tools, funds can analyze various data points, make decisions faster, and execute crypto trades with relatively higher accuracy by mitigating risk.

“Many cryptocurrencies have shown tremendous volatility since their inception – It’s been a wild ride!” said Josh Kincaid, Chief Marketing Officer. “But anyone who has used a genuine AI tool would have known that cryptos have been testing new highs for quite some time. The use of AI tools could also have helped avoid some losses for investors. ToroAlerts-Crypto is such an AI tool. »

With the launch of this mobile app, ToroAlerts-Crypto not only brings a new investment model to market, but will also pioneer a whole new investment category, one that investors and advisors will soon be diversifying into. their portfolios between passive, active and AI. approaches. Individuals are encouraged to invest in ToroAlerts proprietary predictive AI software by visiting

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