New PACS can provide loans and fly drones: Gyanesh Kumar

Reluctant to publicize but eager to reach out to co-operators at the local level, the new co-operation secretary, Gyanesh Kumar, is often in trouble mingling with the media. “We no doubt wish to reach out to the cooperators linked to the primary cooperative societies so that they are made aware of the various innovative reforms undertaken by the ministry,” he confessed to the Indian Cooperative team during an interview. unstructured.

The new statutes being formulated for Primary Cooperative Societies are a far-reaching reform that will change the economic landscape of rural India, the Secretary said stressing the need to extend it to the rural hinterland.

“Can you imagine the changes that the PACS in the new avatar could usher in? The PACS which provided loans to its members will also fly drones,” said Kumar highlighting the big leap that the new PACS is about to support.

The standard PACS statutes that have been sent to the States talk about many activities for PACS. Union Minister Amit Shah himself wrote letters to state CMs. The project talks about PACS providing community services in the field of education (school, college), health (hospital, dispensary, clinical laboratory, ambulance service), tourism and environmental and sustainable development activities to members.

The draft bylaws speak of PACS participating in the government’s Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) payment services scheme to beneficiaries in the company’s operational area.

It can also demonstrate, promote and develop the latest technologies or extension activities related to agriculture and its related activities to improve the income of the society and its members.

PACS can organize trainings, exposure visits or capacity building programs to empower their members and families as well as management and staff on cooperative principles, cooperative values ​​and cooperative actions.

It can also act as an agent or Bank Mitra / Business Correspondent (BC) / Business Facilitator (BF) for financial / banking institutions and can engage as an agency for the implementation of social security schemes for members and will try to focus on and encourage the inclusion of youth and women in cooperative grassroots activities in the area of ​​operation.

Importantly, compliance issues would also be addressed in one fell swoop by the new PACS since there would be no need to seek separate permission from various authorities. A PACS can sell fertilizers, source milk, or manage fish stores under one umbrella, eliminating a big compliance headache.

Garland K. Long