Opinion: Albuquerque City Council Considers Facility Bonds | Daniella Cresman

The Albuquerque City Council is currently considering bonds that could make all the difference to New Mexico residents.


The $110 million proposal includes the following projects:

  • Affordable housing: $20 million
  • Expansion of Paseo del Norte/Unser: $15 million
  • North Dominga Baca Aquatic Center: $15 million
  • West Side Public Safety Facility: $15 million
  • Rail trail: $10 million
  • Renovation of Los Altos Park: $5.5 million
  • Fire station: $4 million
  • Albuquerque Police Department Main Police Station: $4 million
  • Loma Linda Community Center Gym: $3 million
  • West Mesa Aquatic Center upgrades: $3 million
  • Shooting park improvements: $1.5 million
  • End of Ken Sanchez’s indoor sports: $1 million
  • Poole Property Open Space: $1 million
  • Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts: $1 million
  • Boulevard Ouray: $500,000
  • McKinley Bike Shop Completion: $500,000

Personally, I think the money for the shooting range should go towards sensitivity training in the police: not all officers are discriminatory, but too many seem to have unconscious biases that desperately need to be corrected in my notice.

Otherwise, I think these tweaks would be absolutely wonderful, and I’m pretty sure the vast majority of New Mexicans would agree.

Some of these projects were included in the 2021 proposal, which did not win majority approval.

“The 2021 Bassa/Pena proposal died on Dec. 6 when it failed to win the support of a supermajority of the board. Their plan was to sell the bonds without gaining voter approval, a method that requires the agreement of seven councillors. The legislation failed on a 5-4 vote.” —Jessica Dyer

That said, new projects have been added to the most recent version of the proposal.

“Some of the projects on their 2021 slate — like Affordable Housing and the North Domingo Baca Pool — are included in the new version. But the latest legislation also reflects the contributions of the four councilors who took office Jan. 1. Lewis, per example, said he wanted to prioritize the Paseo del Norte and Unser project in his neighborhood over the Cibola Loop multigenerational center, which would have received money under last year’s proposal. West Side councilor said the city already has $10 million available for roadwork and a potential injection of $15 million will top up the necessary funding He said widening the road would serve a “part of our city that desperately needs more infrastructure,” and that he would continue funding the multigenerational center from other sources. year… The council ller Louie Sanchez, who also took office on Jan. 1, was able to get some projects he wanted funded on the new bond list. He asked for the million dollars for trail development and planning and planning of the Poole property – a newly acquired open space property in its district – and $1.5 million to upgrade the city’s Shooting Range Park upgrade… The Sanchez district would also receive $3 million for West Mes Aquatic Center updates and $500,000 for Ouray Boulevard improvements.” —Jessica Dyer

All in all, aside from the firing range in my opinion, these improvements would all be welcome and are deeply needed in most cases.

Garland K. Long