Pros and cons of NOLA Saints potentially swapped for Kadarius Toney

Another wide receiver may be commercially available; this time it’s the Giants’ 2021 first-round pick, Kadarius Toney. The NOLA Saints could make sense as a landing spot for Toney.

Toney, a star in Florida, played 10 games for the G-Men as a rookie, recording 39 catches for 420 yards but couldn’t find the end zone. Saints fans saw just how dominant Toney can be on a pro level, as the rookie rushed for 78 yards on six catches in the embarrassing Week 4 loss to New York.

According to Pat Leonard, however, the Giants may already be ready to part ways with their young receiver.

Obviously, one has to wonder what would drive a team to trade a talented player just a year into his career. Injuries were a problem for Toney in 2021, but that can’t be the only reason New York wants to get away from him already.

The New Orleans Saints know what it’s like to not have good talent as a wide receiver, so of course they’re going to be brought in as contenders to trade for Toney.

Why not look at the pros and cons of doing so?

Benefits of NOLA Saints trading for Kadarius Toney

The pro here is that Toney would give the Saints two solid starting options at wide receiver, as the Florida product would team up with Michael Thomas and they would be a good pair to have. Marquez Callaway could be the WR3 and it would be a much better situation than the Saints last year or even the year before that, for that matter.

Toney is only entering the second year of his career, so he is still under a rookie contract and he is only 23 years old. That would give New Orleans enough time to decide if they want to keep him past his rookie contract or if they want to move on after his contract ends.

Cons of NOLA Saints trading for Kadarius Toney

The biggest thing is that he struggled with injuries last year and that’s not ideal for a team that didn’t have their WR1 for the whole 2021 season due to injuries. Do they want two injury-prone starting spreaders?

Toney probably wouldn’t command anything more than a third-round pick due to his injury history and the fact the team is already moving away from him, so there has to be something deeper going on. The Saints could afford it, but what if the Giants wanted a player back? Trading is something that could end up being negative, especially with NOLA needing every possible pick.

Is Kadarius Toney worthy of a trade?

Ultimately, it’s hard to say if this is something the Saints should pull the trigger. On the one hand, Toney has shown a lot of potential on the pitch, but injuries are not to be overlooked.

If New Orleans were to throw their hat in the Toney trading ring, they shouldn’t be giving up anything more than maybe a third-round pick.

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Garland K. Long