Sanjiv Bhasin Shares on Zee Business: BUY 3 Shares – TCS, HCL Tech, Can Fin Homes | Check price targets

Sanjiv Bhasin’s actions on Zee Business: Market expert and director of IIFL Securities, Sanjiv Bhasin, on Wednesday picked out three stocks for investors looking for high yields in the short term. In a special “Bhasin Ke Hasin Share” segment aired on Zee Business with Editor-in-Chief Anil Singhvi, he said tech stocks are expected to rebound and that’s why there are two heavy IT stocks among the top three picks.

“Tech is so oversold and both IT stocks will do well tomorrow, September 22,” Bhasin added.

Sanjiv Bhasin recommended three actions for Zee Business viewers:

Can Fin Homes

Shares of Can Fin Home are under pressure after the resignation of its managing director and CEO Girish Kousgi on Monday. The share price has returned to around Rs 550.90 and Bhasin believes it is the right time to buy this stock. He predicted that by Diwali, the Can Fin Home share price could soar to Rs 750.

To buy: Rs550.90
Price target: Rs585-590
Stop Loss: Rs.540


Bhasin believes that tech stocks are so heavily oversold that a rebound in the US will cause tech stocks to outperform.

To buy: 3,011.15 rupees
Price target: 3,150 rupees
Stop Loss: 2,940 rupees

HCL Technician

As mentioned earlier, Bhasin suggested that buying HCL Tech might be a good buy as they are another industry giant.

To buy: Rs 901.75
Price target: Rs 990
Stop Loss: Rs 870

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