Sell ​​Short Bed, Tub and Beyond and DH Horton

The indices should go down. Important support levels were broken and downside targets were not met. A marketable bottom is unlikely before the end of June. Here are some short selling recommendations.

Short sales are derived from the S&P 500 screen below. The first column is the seasonal ranking for May. The second screen is the current relative strength screen. The third column is the combined rank.

S&P 500 display

Bed, Bath, and Beyond has been weak and is expected to decline further. The monthly cycle is down and has been accurate for the past year. May was a weak month, up only 47% of the time. Shares are expected to approach $10.

monthly cycle

Daily chart

Daily histogram for May

Blue: average percentage change

Red: Probability of a rise that day

Green: Expected return (Product of the first 2)

DH Horton should also be a weak stock. The daily histogram shows how bearish May is overnight. The daily bar chart illustrates weak relative strength. The stock price should approach $65.

Daily histogram for May

Daily chart

Garland K. Long