Super Rare Honus Wagner Trading Card Sells For Record $7.25 Million

A Hall of Famer and one of the greatest clean hitters of all time, Honus Wagner will forever live on in the annals of baseball lore. With Wagner being such an exceptional and iconic player from a different era, it seems like everyone with some spare ‘coin’ wanted a memento for this Cooperstown member.

On Thursday, a “T-2106 Wagner” trading card sold for an astonishing $7.25 million in a private sale on the goldin collectibles market. There would be less than 50 authentic copies. With this card specifically considered one of the rarest and most valuable, its new sale officially makes it the most expensive collectible card of all time.

Psh. Only $7.25 million? Let me rummage through my couch cushions, and I’ll come back with more!

The record set by this Honus Wagner card might not last long if a 1952 Mickey Mantle has anything to say about it.

Alright Alright ! I was saving it for a rainy day, but I’ll open my piggy bank and see what I can muster.

Garland K. Long