The 10 Most Expensive Steam Trading Cards and How to Get Them

If you’ve played a game on Steam, chances are you’ve come across Steam Trading Cards. You earn them by playing a game for a set amount of time, and you only get a limited amount – certainly not enough to craft a badge with. That means you’ll have to get the rest by collecting boosters, trading with friends, or buying them from the Steam Market. And where there is a market, there are price increases.

Most Steam Trading Cards can be found at a low, or at worst moderate price, so collecting badges isn’t too difficult. However, there will always be those outliers that defy logic. In this case, it’s usually some “foil” card from obscure games. The concept of the foil card itself in a digital space is fun in the first place, but the sheer fact that it’s rare is what drives those with a penchant for collecting into a frenzy.

What are the most expensive Steam trading cards?

Most extremely expensive cards are either priced as a joke or to test the waters. Some may be a humble boast or a way of trying to get an offer they wouldn’t get otherwise. And finally, these prices change at an hourly rate, so whatever is currently the most expensive could be exceeded in just a few hours. But, if you are looking for the most expensive Steam trading cards, read on as we list the 10 most expensive cards on the market.

Li Chengsong (Net) — $1,856.23

Game: Chaos Galaxy
Description of the card: Northsky Fleet Faction Leader.

Picture via SteamCardExchange

Curiously, this card, although currently the most expensive on the market, has already sold in the range of 2 to 4 dollars. There are buy requests at a median of around $0.45, but since there’s only one copy on the market, the price is that ridiculous sum. The game itself is a 2020 anime-style pixelated strategy game, so it’s not too bad to play if you want to try your luck.

Italy (Filter) — $1,855.50

Game: PURE
Description of the card: Race in the shadow of the Alps.

Picture via SteamCardExchange

This card actually has some value, but certainly not to that degree. PURE is a hard-to-find game and searching the Steam store will yield no results. This is because it is one of those games that is no longer available and can be played by those who already had it in their library. That’s why this card is normally sold for $6-8, and even buy requests stay around the $2.50-$3 price range.

Athena (Net) — $1,839.54

Game: Running Gods
Description of the card: Goddess of wisdom, reason, defense and strategic warfare.

Picture via SteamCardExchange

Interestingly, this card only recently sold for just $1, and since then two copies have been listed at an extremely high price. The game itself is a 2016 side-scrolling indie adventure game, and there aren’t many maps on the market for it, so there’s a chance for anyone looking to try their hand at some manipulation .

Bulldozer (Felt) — $1,807.93

Game: Fake front
Description of the card: Sun and muscles, time shows what a bulldozer can do!

Picture via SteamCardExchange

One of OG’s most expensive foil boards, Bulldozer still holds its position as one of the most expensive and sought after foils on the market. Even buy requests start at around $6, and the most recent sell was over $10. However, that’s not even close to the current asking $1,839.54. You might be happy to hear that the game is a free shooter as of 2019, so there is an easy chance to try your luck.

Magic Violet (Leaf) — $1,787.61

Game: Please fix the road
Description of the card: N / A

Picture via SteamCardExchange

This card also doesn’t seem to have been sold in the past, even though buy requests are hovering around a measly $0.25 on average. For once, that might be proof of its rarity, though it’s not hard to conclude that it’s hardly worth the asking price. Please Fix the Road is an indie puzzle game from 2022, which might explain why maps (and especially foils) in this game are so rare in the first place.

Magician (Foil) — $1,787.61

Game: Cardinal Quest 2
Description of the card: A wise sage, knower of secrets, worker of miracles, virtuoso of the arcane arts… and an extremely keen dresser.

Picture via SteamCardExchange

From an older game, this card has few copies and many buy orders that average around $0.85. There hasn’t been a sale of this card for a long time, which might explain the price hike, since there’s only been one copy on the market for a while. Cardinal Quest 2 was released in 2015 and is a pixelated roguelike RPG game.

Garden Gnomes (Leaf) — $1,783.50

Game: garden simulator
Description of the card: Colorful clay garden gnomes.

Picture via SteamCardExchange

New releases tend to create a choppy market during their first few days. This is true for Garden Simulator, as it is a simulation game that is not even a full month old as of this writing. It’s no wonder players are trying to bait it with high prices for fresh new cards that come with the game. The card listed is the only one of its kind to be discontinued, but like most markets, we’re expect it to stabilize as more players put in the hours and get their cards.

Goats (Filet) — $1,740.96

Game: Goodbye
Description of the card: A pair of goats that provide both companionship and a copious supply of milk.

Picture via SteamCardExchange

This card has already had some success in the market, since it was sold between 6 and 7 dollars, while there are still many requests for purchases for only 0.25 $ on average. Interestingly, however, there are currently 3 on the market, all with prices above $1,700. Not bad for a walking sim game from 2021. It seems what it lacks in gameplay excitement it makes up for in a fierce market presence.

Fast Destroyer (Foil) — $1,605.15

Game: Infinite Tanks
Description of the card: Balancing speed and mobility with great firepower.

Picture via SteamCardExchange

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This is another usual suspect when it comes to Steam’s overpriced foil trading cards. It still seems to appear, even though it’s from a $4 indie tank game from 2017. Yet despite the high cost, the last time this map was sold was for just $1 and definitely not for $1,605. Buy requests also reflect this, as they average around that $1 mark, with a single outlier offering $5. It looks like someone really wants to make this badge.

Bot Sumo (Net) — $1,524.06

Game: Pierhead Arcade 2
Description of the card: It’s not negotiable. It cannot be reasoned. He feels no pity, remorse, or fear. And it will absolutely not stop, ever.

Picture via SteamCardExchange

Coming with the dubious honor of being the only VR title on our list, this game is a casual arcade simulation that can only be played with a VR headset. It came out in 2021, so naturally there aren’t too many foil cards floating around. This may be the reason why there is only one Sumo Bot in the market with the huge asking price. In contrast to this, dozens of players are queuing up with buy requests, while offering a much more modest $0.30 on average. It’s a game of chicken to see who will break first – the buyers or the seller.

Garland K. Long