The best ways to save money this summer and avoid loans

Confused about how to save money and at the same time avoid loans this summer? Confused about how to escape big spending as prices rise and travel becomes much more expensive? Are you afraid of going into debt?

Do you want to spend this summer without the golden phrases like “we have no money”, “where to find $300 secured loan‘, or ‘you have to ask Michael for money to go on vacation, I’ll pay it back later’? Have you ever faced these issues? Surely. So, keep reading!

It is clear that the summer season brings so much happiness and everyone is looking forward to it. People are lucky to enjoy the sun and its warmth. However, most of the time only the kids really do it, because the adults understand what summer costs and what a hit it can take on the family budget.

The majority of Americans expect to spend significantly more money this summer than they did in 2021.

Summer Life Hacks to Save Your Money

1. Free gym

Are you a sports fan? Maybe you still plan to visit a gym and go there every weekend. Probably, your dietitian advised you to go to the fitness center and lose weight. Maybe you just need to stay in shape and for that reason you want to be a member of a health club? But, gyms are quite an expensive treat or “pleasure”.

Summer is the perfect time to go out early in the morning, late afternoon or even at night, because of the sun, which is longer and hotter than ever. This means that the temperature is good from morning until the next sunrise. Specifically, the afternoon and night are much better for training than other days.

Thus, you save an incredible amount of money. Going outside is healthier than being in a locked room with iron. In addition, you will recharge your energy for the whole day!

2. VS Solar Dryer

Instead of throwing clothes in the dryer after washing them, hang them outside to dry and save on electricity costs.

3. Two cigarettes

It is necessary to look at issues related to adjusting your habits such as smoking. For example, if you buy a pack of cigarettes, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $6.28, which means that one pack-a-day habit saves you $188 per month or $2,292 per year. .

There are ways to reduce or eliminate expenses. If you deprive yourself of a pair of cigarettes every day, you can save money and it can be a good emergency fund, which will help you avoid credits or loans one day!

4. Discounts

Summer is a travel season, therefore, vacation prices are rising. Hotels, airlines, sanitariums and tourist hotspots are doing everything they can to try and seek out summer travelers, due to the season. So, you should grab all the opportunities that you will definitely come across in order to save money.

5. Do laundry in cold water

What? Cold water? Yes, cold water! The US Department of Energy offers two ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption. They use less water or use a colder water temperature. They will always be clean. For example, cleaning brand Tide encourages Americans to do their laundry in cold water to save the planet and a little money.

Today, many people in North America do their laundry in cold water. This life hack reduces the energy consumption needed to heat water. Just one turn of the washer from hot to hot will cut the energy consumption of each load in half!

6. The bike is free

Although it is free, the bicycle is an environmentally friendly means of transport and it is a big plus these days. Plus, cycling has been shown to make people happier and healthier. Here are some of the benefits and health benefits of cycling:

  • saves you time,
  • cycling can help with weight loss,
  • cycling reduces heart disease,
  • reduction of stress and, also, reduction of anxiety,
  • makes you smarter,
  • helps you sleep better.

7. Saving money doesn’t mean you never leave the house!

Keep track of your local newspaper, weekly magazines, or your city’s website to find free events. Don’t forget that high-cost cities offer free activities: from music, theater and sports festivals to art exhibitions, free exhibitions and many other special things. In summary, you can have fun without spending money!

8. Food and drink

We don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on meals. Some tips for you:

  • Make a shopping list and stick to it.
  • Bring a snack with you to work.
  • Ignore brand names and buy generics.
  • Prepare drinks at home instead of going to the bar.
  • Make coffee at home, it will save you more money than you think.
  • Grow your own delicious vegetables. It can become your own special hobby and you can also earn money, shop or just gift vegetables, berries, etc. to your neighbours.

8. Library – More Than Borrowing Books

In addition to borrowing books, the library allows you to:

  • Free AC,
  • Watch movies for free,
  • Many interesting activities (depending on the type of library), for example, speech clubs, meetings with authors of books, poets, who will present their own poems to you, etc.

Plus, bookcases can be a perfect way to take a break and escape the hot sun because, in fact, they’re always so cold. Surely you can find a good book to read or a movie to watch.

9. Take advantage of your time to cook outside

Using the stove or cooking in the oven can create a lot of electricity expenses. Consider having your dinner outside using a barbecue, grill or even a bonfire. A big plus of cooking outside your home is that it turns into a fun picnic, so you can spend your time with family, as well as hang out with friends enjoying nature and keep in your imaginary pocket with your saved money!

10. Test yourself

Challenge yourself, for example:

  • Make meals using nothing more than things that are already in your freezer without buying anything extra!
  • Travel with a certain amount, so your money will be limited!
  • Make a list of the groceries you need to buy and try to buy them at the best possible price.

Garland K. Long