The European Parliament supports the inclusion of maritime transport in the emissions trading scheme

The European Parliament finally voted to approve the inclusion of maritime transport in the EU emissions trading system, after the plan hit a snag earlier this month.

Parliament approved the plan as part of a wider package of ‘Fit for 55‘ measures in a vote on Wednesday. In the next stage, the proposals will have to be negotiated with the Member States.

If the plan is implemented into law, from the start of next year ships traveling between EU ports will pay for 100% of their GHG emissions, while travel between the EU and the rest of the world will cause 50% of the accusation. This level of 50% will be increased to 100% from the start of 2027.

75% funds raised from shipping would go to a maritime decarbonization support fund.

“European shipowners welcome the increased climate ambition of the ‘Fit for 55’ package”, Sotiris Raptisgeneral secretary of the ECSAsaid in a statement posted on the industry body’s website.

“We criticized the lack of consistency and offered workable solutions.

“Parliament’s vote is a strong signal that European policy makers are listening to us and taking into account the proposals of our sector.

“We need everyone on deck and the role of commercial operators is key to reducing emissions.

“Assigning revenue to shipping is a prerequisite for financing the adoption of cleaner fuels.

“This is a watershed moment for the decarbonization of shipping and the competitiveness of the sector.”

Garland K. Long