The market took profits on equities and some bonds while waiting for economic announcements.

As a result, country risk as measured by JPMorgan It fell 0.3% to 2,391 points from the recent intraday high of 2,976 points.

President of the Chamber of Deputies, Serge Massa, He will take over the reins of the Ministry of the Economy, which will now cover the economic, productive and agricultural sectors. “The entry of Massa as super-minister of the economy has brought peace to the markets and given hope to some investors”, Reviewed by EcoViews.

He added that “However, there are still many doubts as to whether Massa is clear that economic measures aimed at reducing the fiscal deficit or reducing the exchange rate differential have a political cost strongly supported by the Kirchnerisme (part of the ruling party) ” need, and you don’t know if you have or not.

Investors await economic announcements that seek to reassure financial markets at a time when annual inflation threatens to exceed 80%, the central bank has few reserves and exchange rate pressures have weighed on the market.

Named new minister appointed this Monday part of his cabinet. Eduardo Setty, An economist with experience in capital markets financial secretary, while being experienced Daniel Marks Will be part of the public debt surveillance team. You Raul Rigo The treasurer will be the secretary.

“Their objective is to strengthen the reserves, ensure the financing of the Treasury and promote the development of the national capital market”, Massa said on his Twitter account.

Additionally, he announced via Twitter that Vice-Presidency of the Central Bank (BCRA) will be in charge of Lysander Claria, who until now held the position of Deputy Executive Director of the Guarantee Fund and Sustainable Development Operations at ANSES. With this appointment, the new minister will try to influence the decisions of the BCRA, while the current minister Miguel Pesce He is counting on large sections of the coalition to stay in his post.

Massa also named George Domper as Assistant Budget Secretary and Claudia Ballestrini In charge of the Under-Secretary for Public Revenue. as long as Fork will be with Leandro Torriano, Natalia Capurso You Celestial on the left. complete with kit leonard madcur As an advisory head of the ministry.

Massa will travel to the United States and France in late August to meet IMF and Paris Club officials,

S&P Merval and ADR

stock index BYMA’s S&P MERVAL took profits 4% to break 117,586.78 points higher after gaining 7.6% the previous week and 38.53% in July.

Thursday’s leading panel scored an all-time high of 130,650.78.

For their part, the Argentine newspapers Wall Street They closed the day with the most losses for the main indices on Wall Street.

the fall was led by South Gas business (-3.9%); Cressud (-4.3%) and Telekom (-2.5%).

Garland K. Long