The MRC Nagar community unites around yoga

Yoga teacher Preeti Gupta on the social benefits of fitness-related gatherings

Yoga teacher Preeti Gupta on the social benefits of fitness-related gatherings

On May 1, the housekeeping team at Rani Meyyammai Towers, a gated community in MRC Nagar, will take a break from work to focus on breathing and physical flexibility.

Preeti Gupta, the in-house yoga instructor, would offer them practical advice on maintaining physical and mental discipline. Preeti has been a household name at RMT Towers for a few months, when she led a chair yoga session for security staff. The program was organized for them because they are glued to their chairs.

The kids know her as the teacher who gives free yoga classes and addresses issues like slump and lack of focus.

“There is no better medicine than yoga to heal our body and heart of all the things that trouble us, and I am happy to reach out to as many groups as possible in our community,” says Preeti, a resident of the apartment for the last time. eight years.

She started her yoga journey seven years ago to later settle into teaching the art. Switching to taking classes on Zoom during the pandemic has found new takers for the art.

“I started a free 21-day challenge where we got together every day – morning and evening – to spend time calming down during the most stressful times of the pandemic. We started forming a beautiful bond through yoga and that kept us going,” she says.

The pandemic has also given him the opportunity to reinvent himself in the way he teaches for different age groups. Chair yoga was launched for the elderly; facial yoga to bring radiance to the skin and help middle-aged people feel younger; and yoga on the beach to help outdoor enthusiasts feel the sun and the breeze. Spaces such as the terrace and the park adjoining the apartment have become new meeting places.

Preeti finds being part of the apartment community a huge motivator. The community also has a fitness trainer and a zumba instructor.

“We have collaborated to propose initiatives to our residents. That’s the beauty of our community because we’re not competitors but complement each other,” she says.

Preeti notes that when residents are continually involved in fitness activity, it becomes a bonding factor.

Garland K. Long