Toronto Maple Leafs will not trade Swedish defensemen

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a few too many decent options on the left side of their blue line, which hopefully won’t lead to a senseless trade.

Looks like it would be a bad move from the Toronto Maple Leafs, as there’s no doubt Rasmus Sandin would burst the moment he leaves town.

This idea was first floated by Elliotte Friedman on the 32 Thoughts podcastbut it’s a bad one.

Sandin had a great season with the Leafs and is 22 years old and is almost certain to sign a friendly contract. Trading it is a very bad idea.

The Toronto Maple Leafs surely aren’t making the trip

Friedman’s exact quote sounds a lot more like speculation than rumor:

He (Sandin) needs a new contract and Toronto doesn’t have a lot of space. I think they like him as a player, I think he liked being a maple leaf and I don’t believe he asked for a trade or anything like that, but a few people have told me said, look where it’s going in terms of Toronto do they think they need to make room for him? Is he concerned about his place and is there also a deal here that makes sense? – Elliott Friedman

You have to imagine that even the Toronto brass can see what a foolish decision it would be to trade a 22-year-old defenseman who has just cut his teeth in the NHL.

Let’s not forget that Rasmus Sandin has already spent time on the Toronto Maple Leafs’ power play and has 28 points in his short 88-game career so far.

Those kind of defenders don’t exactly show up every day, they’re certainly not the easiest to find in free agency or in a trade, so drafting and developing one is the best path and path the Maple Leafs from Toronto should follow.

Yes, that means sitting Jake Muzzin or Mark Giordano or alternatively playing someone on their side to give Rasmus Sandin some extra ice time, presumably instead of Justin Holl in all reality.

Yes, that means finding a way to bring him back for a few more years, most likely on some sort of bridge deal and therefore always with the risk of losing him in the long run.

While Sandin isn’t a star yet, he’s certainly a very talented individual and it looks like the Leafs shouldn’t make any rash decisions about his future when he’s already one of the best players in the bottom half. the NHL.

Sign him to an average type of contract for the next two years, give Rasmus Sandin every chance to impress in Toronto colors, and then let’s see where to go. Don’t make a senseless trade because he wants a little more ice time.

Right now, he has some of the best defensive mentors he could have; convince him that staying is the smart choice and that people like Muzzin, Brodie and Giordano; while they block his way, are also full of wisdom.

Garland K. Long