VA Loan Inspection Requirements: A Guide

Should You Get a VA Loan Inspection?

Since a home inspection may not be required with a VA loan, some borrowers may choose not to get one because they will have to pay for it. Although it may cost you money upfront, a home inspection provides detailed information on whether the seller needs to fix anything before closing.

If the inspection process reveals anything problematic, the necessary repair could cost thousands of dollars, but hopefully the seller will be willing to pay for it. If the borrower waives the inspection, he will have to fix all the problems once he moves in or later on the road.

Benefits of a VA Home Loan Inspection

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re buying a home in good condition isn’t the only reason to purchase a home inspection with a VA loan.

An inspection also allows you to put a home inspection reservation clause in your real estate contract. This clause may give the seller some time to resolve any problems that the inspection may reveal. If the seller refuses to fix the problem, the buyer can walk away without losing any money.

A home inspection also gives the buyer bargaining power they wouldn’t otherwise have. If you find a problem with the house, you can ask the seller to lower the selling price if they don’t pay to fix the problem.

However, arguably the biggest benefit of a VA loan inspection or any home inspection is that you learn the ins and outs of what your new home could be like. You will learn everything you need to know about the property, its systems and everything you need to know.

Garland K. Long