Morning briefing: Unpaid CERB loans and Iran’s bold World Cup stance

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In case you missed it

1. Remember CERB and CRB? About 240,000 Canadians still have to repay theirs

Earlier this year, about 260,000 Canadians were notified that they had received emergency COVID-19 benefits for which they were in fact not eligible. Well, it looks like the encore barely made a dent in the balance; According to documents tabled in the House of Commons earlier this week, it was revealed that around 240,000 Canadians have yet to repay CERB/CRB payments wrongly received, reports Helena Hanson. Here’s what this unpaid debt means.

  • Wait what? The Canada Revenue Agency says it will help Canadians who are unable to repay all of their benefits to offer an interest-free repayment plan. Otherwise, the government has the power to take “serious financial or legal action,” such as putting a lien on your home or seizing property altogether.
  • In numbers : About 19,000 Canadians repaid $16 million in benefits; the rest is approximately $1.2 billion in cash received in error.

2. As soccer powerhouses cower before FIFA, Iran team boldly aligns with protesters

When Iran’s national anthem played ahead of the team’s World Cup game against powerhouse England on Monday, the Iranian players stood in complete silence – save for boos from their own fans in Qatar Stadium. The statement was widely interpreted as a show of solidarity with anti-government protests that have erupted in Iran since mid-September, when a young woman died in police custody after being arrested for not wearing the hijab properly. , reports Asymina Kantorowicz. This is the latest political twist in what has become one of the most ethically questionable international sporting events in years.

  • In their words: “We have to accept that the conditions in our country are not good and our people are not happy,” Iran captain Ehsan Hajsafi said before the game.
  • In numbers : More than 400 people have died in the Iranian protests, with more than 16,000 – many of them young women – also arrested.
  • My take: Consider that a coterie of powerful footballing nations – including England – abandoned plans to wear armbands with the anti-discrimination phrase “OneLove” after FIFA authorities threatened to punish players with yellow cards. Now consider the very real danger that Iranian players have placed themselves in by standing alongside their country’s protest movement. It’s courage.

3. Near-Tragic School Bus Crash Leaves Everyone Wondering What Happened

One moment Derek Tappen’s five-year-old son, William, was jumping off the school bus after a day of studying. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was dragged with the bus down Tappen’s Street in Mount Pleasant, Ontario, his body trapped by the bus doors. Luckily, Derek was there to spring into action, alerting the bus passengers to the calamity. Now Tappen, the Grand Erie District School Board and school bus operator Voyago are racking their brains to figure out how this could have happened. Patrick John Gilson spoke to key players for their take on the situation. Here’s what he learned.

  • In His Words: “He just had a little scrape on the skin of his leg where the doors closed on him,” Tappen said of his son’s injuries. Phew.
  • My take: Echoing the sentiment of the father in the story, it’s odd that school buses don’t have the same door sensors as elevators or even most transit buses. Let’s install them.

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